Berkunjung ke RSJ Dr. Radjiman Wediodiningrat Lawang, Malang, Jawa Timur

Liburan biasanya orang-orang akan lebih memilih untuk menghabiskan waktu luangnya tersebut bersama keluarga di rumah atau berkunjung ke tempat wisata. Intinya refreshing lah :-). Namun hal ini tidak saya lakukan kemarin pada Minggu, 6 Januari 2012. Pasalnya pada hari tersebut ada sebuah acara di RSJ Dr. Radjiman Wediodiningrat Lawang. Mau ngapain Bang mau meriksa kejiwaaan … Continue reading Berkunjung ke RSJ Dr. Radjiman Wediodiningrat Lawang, Malang, Jawa Timur


Thankful to Trumpet Birthday

Everytime i look to this photo. I always remember my girlfriend. I remembered when my girlfriend come to my house to say happy birthday. She brought a delicious birthday cake, birthday cap anda this trumpet. That's the first time i've a birthday party with my girlfriend and my family. I hope there will be an … Continue reading Thankful to Trumpet Birthday

The Green Ricefield in Dayu Park, Indonesia

Almost people in the world already know that my country Indonesia is the agrarian country. It means there are many people that work as a farmer. Today i just hangout in Dayu Park just for jogging. Around the road, i can see many ricefields. It's so green and bright with sunrise. I really like the … Continue reading The Green Ricefield in Dayu Park, Indonesia

Silhouette of Me in Bromo Mountain

I've got the spectacular scenery in the morning when i visited Bromo Mountain. It's the mountain in East Java, Indonesia. After i climbed the stairs of Bromo, I got to the crater of Bromo Mountain. And this photo has been taken in there. Such a beautiful sunshine :-). See the sun rising here

The Big Tower of PDAM in Probolinggo City

It's the tower of PDAM in Probolinggo City, Indonesia. This tower contains water that will be distributed to residents. It's very big in size and function

A Little Things That Make Me Happy

If talk about what kinds of things that can make me feel happy. I've got a various things to do. I things everyday is happy. A little things, if we can enjoy it. It can make us feel that the world is wonderful :-).

The Books of Mine

Mine : All of these books is mine. Some of them collected when i was in college. I realy liked the books of computers so much, cuz it's interesting so much especially the books of design photos or the books of editing videos. Sometimes when i had a new books, my friends wanted to borrow … Continue reading The Books of Mine

Solitary of Me In Jungle

Weekend, it means for hanging out with friends. Visiting the sights was the best option to spend the holiday. I was in The Cangar to relaxe my body with the warm water. After that i walked around with my friends in the jungle to look the green of the nature in Indonesia. Several minutes later, … Continue reading Solitary of Me In Jungle

Hang Out With Friends

Talking about the daily activities that i like, for me it's hang out with all of my friends. It's the moment I'm waiting. Things that i'll always do when we  hang out together is : Eating : We are always eating in different place. This is called "Wisata Kuliner" in my country (Indonesia). Taking a … Continue reading Hang Out With Friends

Grass and Tree in The Backyard

As you can see, the grass is near and the tree is far. These photos had been taken at Villa Bukit Trawas Garden, Mojokerto, Indonesia. Hope you like it 😀