Hang Out With Friends

Hang Out in Bambu Wulung
Photo by Hanggar PS

Talking about the daily activities that i like, for me it’s hang out with all of my friends. It’s the moment I’m waiting. Things that i’ll always do when we  hang out together is :

  1. Eating : We are always eating in different place. This is called “Wisata Kuliner” in my country (Indonesia).
  2. Taking a photo : For me that like photography. I’ll always take a shot of my food when i’m eating. Not just the food, but i’ll take a shot the scenery too.
  3. Visiting : It means we visit the famous place in that town. Such as in Batu City. The famous place i thing “The Batu Square”. The design of this square is so amazing.

Komentar adalah wujud apreasiasi atas artikel saya ^_^

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