The Sambals

The Sambals
Photo by Hanggar PS

For europe or american people may be the don’t know about the sambal. But for asian people of course they know it.

What is the sambal ?

The sambal is the comanion food when we eat. There are many foods in that need the sambal for making the taste better. Example in my country Indonesia, we’ve got fried duck, fried chicken, fried catfish. For me, no sambal no fried foods ;-). Because eating fried foods without the sambal like coffee without milk :-P.

So what are the compositions of the sambal ?

There are many sambals with different compositions. Every compositions make a different taste. Such as :

  1. Tomatoes Sambal : It’s the sambal for people that like sweetness :oops:.
  2. Matches Sambal : As it’s name. Matches can light a fire that hot, so this sambal is so hot. It’s the sambal for people that like sharpness :evil:.
  3. Terasi Sambal : It’s like the matches sambal but it is added with terasi so the taste is different. For me it’s more delicious than the matches one :-D.

So for those of you who have never tasted the sambals please come to Indonesia and try the sambals in my country. Even in my country, there is a place that uses the various of sambals as the main menu. If you visit Indonesia don’t forget to taste the sambals ;-).


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